About Elisa

Elisa is a seasoned real estate professional with a profound understanding of the local housing market, fortified by nearly 20 years of experience in some of the nation’s most challenging markets including Washington DC, New York City, and Silicon Valley. Her clients benefit from her comprehensive insights as she guides them through the complexities of buying or selling homes. Fluent in the art of negotiation, Elisa acts as a formidable ally for everyone from first-time homebuyers to high-end property sellers.

Understanding that success in the real estate business is a collective effort, Elisa has meticulously built a team of reliable associates encompassing lenders, stagers, home inspectors, escrow officers, and lawyers. With every decision she makes, Elisa prioritizes her clients’ best interests. She is noted for her loyalty and patience with her clientele, and her relentless pursuit on their behalf. Clients frequently express their appreciation for her transparent approach and guidance throughout every phase of the transaction, with her dedication aimed at alleviating any unease or concerns related to the unknown aspects of the process. This distinctive level of personal attention to her customers has resulted in her receiving numerous Outstanding Customer Service Awards.

"Elisa is recognized for her steadfast loyalty to her clients and her tenacity in advocating for their interests."

Elisa possesses a keen memory and a natural knack for identifying real estate patterns, understanding individual properties and neighborhood histories, analyzing sales comparables, and interpreting pricing data. Although she acknowledges that each property is unique, her extensive understanding of the market, from both current and historical perspectives, is vital in devising effective transaction strategies. Elisa exhibits the utmost professionalism and efficiency, always focused on maximizing her clients’ return on investment.